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Classes, courses, lessons and workshops are not about managing registrations and attendance - or at least they shouldn’t be. You want it to be about delivering the most kick ass session possible to a room full of people. 

But managing signups and attendance can be chaotic and impossible to manage!

Free trial includes all custom features and 50 bookings. No credit card required

Simplify My Life!

Easy overview and management in the mobile responsive admin interface and iOS admin app.

Unlimited sessions, unlimited teachers, unlimited clients and unlimited system users at no extra cost!

Reduce no shows with automatic reminders via email and/or SMS.

Select from our range of 30+ custom features to design the right booking system for you.

Your own, branded, mobile optimized booking website or integrate with your existing site and even your Facebook page!

Avoid scheduling conflicts with 2-way calendar sync for all your staff.

Accept online payments through a range of payment processors.

Top notch live support!

Live chat, comprehensive help center and in-system help.

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Stop the madness!

Stop the emails, text messages, Facebook messages and all that, as people sign up, let you know they are are coming, or not coming, or will be late, or have a cold or ...
Stop the interruptions while you are preparing or teaching.

Stop the lost revenue due to last minute cancellations or no shows.
Stop the mess of double bookings, paper diaries, mix ups and misunderstandings.

Weight off your shoulders!

Let people go online, and register or book whenever they get the idea, day or night - automated!
Process payments upon booking and send automatic reminders to cut the no shows!
No more double bookings, mix ups and misunderstandings and keep everyone fully informed!
Have a receptionist? Surely you can  have them doing more productive things. ;)

SimplyBook.me is an online scheduling system that is easy to use, yet customizable and flexible enough to fit your business like a glove!

We know  you may have a number of different staff providing different sessions, but it's the bookings - the business - that determines how well you are doing. That's why we enable you to start small and we grow with you.

Unlike other booking systems who will charge you based on the number of staff or different classes you have, we base our pricing on number of bookings and the customization of the system. You can have unlimited staff, unlimited classes and unlimited clients!

We also know that as your business grows, the more advanced your needs become. That's why the basic system is affordable - free even - and we only charge the more advanced things get.

We grow with you

It pays for itself

SimplyBook.me can pay for itself quickly. Bookings often increase and one less no show, lost appointment or uncollected payment more than covers the cost of the system!

Simple and easy

SimplyBook.me is easy to set up and use so it won’t take you long to get started and you don’t need to be tech savvy. 
The system is simple and we are always here to help you with anything you need. We are constantly improving both the system and the way we present it. 

With a comprehensive help center and live support we are there for you every step of the way.

Build your system

We know from years of experience that every business is different. That’s why we have built SimplyBook.me to be adaptable to different needs. 

The basic system has all the general things, such as services, service providers (which can be staff, rooms, equipment or whatever you need), general opening hours for the business as a whole and work schedules for different staff, resources and more.

Then you can pick and choose the features you need from our range of custom features. We currently have over 30 custom features. 

Make it look good

Looks matter. With our professional new booking website templates and advanced customization you can make your booking website look like your other brand assets. You can also integrate the system with your website.

You can count on us

For the past 5 years our uptime has been over 99.98% and we aim to keep it there and better. Uptime reliability is as important to our business as it is to yours so we will not let you down.

Security is paramount

SimplyBook.me puts security first. All data security is twofold: first it is secured so that unauthorized personnel cannot access any delicate data in storage or transit, and second to minimize the possibilities of data loss. All passwords are securely stored and all system communication are encrypted. SimplyBook.me does daily backups between disks and weekly backups between server centrals.

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Whether you are a single teacher in a community hall or run a large educational institution, SimplyBook.me can be used for all sorts of courses, classes, lessons and workshops, such as:



Whatever you teach, we can get your students booked! 
For enterprise solutions, please contact enterprise@simplybook.me
Start simplifying my life today!

Don't just take our word for it. Try it for free for 30 days with all Custom Features and 50 bookings!

Still here?

If you're still reading, you know that you need an online booking system!

Think it's too complicated?

Easy enough for your users?

Easy enough for your students?

Worried about the costs?

You might be thinking it will be too complicated or take too much time to set up - don’t worry. It’s easy and you get help from our lovely support staff. We can even set the whole thing up for you for as little as $25. Just contact support!

Remember, we grow with you. If business is slow, costs are low (or even free) and if business is booming, the cost of the booking system will pay for itself many times over by saving you time and work, reducing no shows and by effectively collecting payments online upon booking.

Worried that it won’t be easy enough for your students or that you won’t be able to get them to use it? No need to worry. It is simple to use and we can give you some tips to help you move your students from calling you to booking online!
Worried that it will be difficult to get your staff to use it? Worry not. They will love being able to view their bookings from wherever they are via the online calendar. And being able to manage all bookings in one place, whether they come through online, via phone, email or person. 
With the Calendar 2-way-sync your staff can even view their bookings alongside their personal appointments. And when they put appointments in their personal calendar they automatically block the time in SimplyBook.me so there are no clashes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with recurring services you can set the system so that people can book recurring classes.

Can customers book a set number of classes, such as 6 or 10 or 12 at a time?

Yes, you can have multiple service locations and assign staff to those locations.

Can I use the booking system for multiple locations?

Yes, you can connect staff members (or service providers) to specific classes (services). So Jane teaches history of romance, Ziggy teaches barre and all that good stuff.

Can I have specific staff members linked to specific classes?

Yes, you can have as many users as you want. You can also set their access levels, giving some control to manage all bookings, only their own bookings or view only access.

Can I have multiple users managing the booking system?

Yes, you can set set different service durations within the system.

Can I set different durations for different types of sessions?

Yes, with our group bookings one person can book and pay for a group of people.

Can one person book for a group of people, such as for clubs and such?

Have more questions?

Check out our full FAQ page here

or talk to one our friendly support staff via the live chat!

Start automating your bookings today!



2 months free if paid annually

Bookings included

Custom Features

Booking Website

Unlimited Staff

Directory Listing



Bookings Included

Custom Features

Booking Website

Unlimited Staff

Directory Listing






2 months free if paid annually





2 months free if paid annually

Bookings Included

Custom Features

Booking Website

Unlimited Staff

Directory Listing





Bookings Included

Custom Features

Booking Website

Unlimited Staff

Directory Listing



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"We chose to get an online booking system because we wanted to ensure payment at the time of booking to eliminate the need for keeping track of outstanding accounts. SimplyBook.me has helped us greatly by taking payment at the time of booking and by allowing us to more easily integrate discounts, free classes, and schedule adjustments.

Since using SimplyBook.me, we haven't had any lapses in payments, which was huge for us. We've also done more special events since we can add them easily to the system. And we offer more discounts and packages.

SimplyBook.me has been very convenient for us and is working quite well. We've been able to easily separate things based on location, instructor, times offered, services offered, etc. Our system is pretty complicated, so the ability of SimpleBook.me to do it at all has always been a huge selling point. Most of the other places we looked at couldn't handle all of our necessary options.

Chelsey M. Snyder, Director of Operations, Vohra Method, VohraMethod.com

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per month

Unlimited staff,
2000 bookings,
Custom Features,  
Booking website



per month

Unlimited staff,
500 bookings,
8 Custom Features,
Booking website



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Unlimited staff,
100 bookings,
3 Custom Features,
Booking website



Unlimited staff,
50 bookings,
1 Custom Feature,  
Booking website

Includes all custom features and 50 bookings. No credit card required!
Includes all custom features and 50 bookings. No credit card required!
Includes all custom features and 50 bookings. No credit card required!
What's stopping you?

"SimplyBook.me is perfect for me. It has made reservations easy for my clients and helped me work globally. Since starting to use SimplyBook.me I have got more work.

When choosing an online booking system it is very important to consider customer service. It doesn't matter how lovely the site looks, you need to be able to talk to the provider if things aren't going right or you are in difficulty. SimplyBook.me has top quality customer service which has always kept me with them. An added bonus is that SimplyBook.me is developing things all the time. The new templates, as an example, have been great and I am sure there will be more things to come.

I absolutely recommend SimplyBook.me, already have and will continue to do so."

Rachael Boyce, English Language Teacher, English Language Lab, englishlanglab.co.uk

Includes all custom features and 50 bookings. No credit card required!
Includes all custom features and 50 bookings. No credit card required!
30 day trial includes all custom features and 50 bookings.

Take back your time and simplify your life!

Martial Arts

More useful features for classes, courses, lessons and workshops

Automatically send emails to your students afterwards asking for their feedback. Feature your reviews on your booking website to show others how great your classes, course, lessons or workshops are!
With the recurring service feature you can let people book sessions at regular intervals or a set of classes (e.g. a 6 week program).

Show the World Your Happy Students

Clear Terms and Conditions

Have your clients accept your terms and conditions before booking a class, to make sure everything is crystal clear.

Monitor the Health of Your Business

See how business is doing at a glance by viewing bookings per service or staff member over a selected period and lots more. That way you know what’s doing well and what may need improving and promoting.

Get Further Information upon Booking

Book Regular Sessions or a Set of Classes

Using the ‘Additional Fields’ Custom Feature you can request more information from your students as they book. Need to know their proficiency levels? Special needs? Just ask!







Magic for Muggles







History of Vampires


We could go on forever...

Limit Bookings

Limit the amount of people who can register for a class.

Membership System

Sell membership to your students allowing only paying members to book into a class, course, lesson or workshop!

Rachael Boyce,
English Language Teacher, English Language Lab, englishlanglab.co.uk